An update for Wezit

2021 must mark a new era for the cultural sector worldwide.

After a period that has shaken up all preconceived ideas, the question of digital in exhibition venues, and beyond, the place of cultural venues and museums within intelligent territories, is being raised in a blatant manner.

2021 will be a key year for the transmedia software solution Wezit, which will see several major innovations revealed.

From March 2021, version 3 of Wezit studio will be available. Entirely redeveloped with the latest technologies, this version is much faster than the previous one. Still based on a graphical database, it offers enhanced transmedia capabilities, and can still handle different technologies such as PWAs, native applications, interactive kiosks and tables under Unity or Angular…

On the basis of this new “studio” tool, it is in terms of new user experiences that several new innovations will be launched in September 2021, all stemming from the major Research and Development projects carried out over the last five years. They will revolutionise the use of digital technology for museums and heritage sites.