Mazedia : nearly 20 years of research and development

Since 1994, Mazedia has invented, integrated and adapted many multimedia technologies. But what research projects Mazedia is currently working on ?

In 1994, Mediacd (former name of Mazedia) pioneered multimedia. The internet was going to be popular a few years later, but already the benefits of interactivity for the general public were becoming apparent. And as in all pioneering phases, everything has to be invented, understood or adapted. The small team at the beginning (5 people) was 100% committed to this passion, with a feeling of conquering a still totally empty territory. At the end of the 2000s, R & D adapted to a more structured business project. Mazedia became involved in the most advanced structures in this field, such as the images and network cluster, of which Vincent Roirand is the administrator.

Then, searching is good, but to find what ?

Mazedia’s culture is based on true “multi-media”, that means the use of diverse media to express message and bring new and unique experiences to users. We have in our hands increasingly diverse tools : computers, smartphones, tablets, connected Tvs, communicating objects… and the interactive experience we live can not be summed up as a juxtoposition of websites or applications more or less coherent with each other.

Our entire research and development effort is focused on transmedia, which is as much a reflection of information organisation and user experience scenarios as it is on the design of technical tools connecting the different devices. Three projects are currently underway on this theme:

  • A thesis with Ronan German directed by the CELSA of Paris Sorbonne: Transmedia Scriptwriting
  • A collaborative ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) project with the CNAM, the Musée du Quai Branly, le Lutin (CNRS) : persuasive transmedia game
  • A collaborative project “Investissements d’avenir” (investments for the future) financed by the Caisse des Dépots with Telecom Paris Tech, Cantoche : Avatar 1:1 on the interaction between users and conversational avatars

All these projects result in new technical solutions and know-how for Mazedia that we will be able to share with you