Tokyo : movements & animations

One step ahead

Japan spearheads the field of computer-generated images and video games. We already knew that. Therefore, technologies are following and motion capture bring a great productivity and an absolute realism for characters animation.

Motion capture : what is it ?

The principle of motion capture is to have actors play on a film set equipped with infrared lighting and capture cameras.

A software device recovers the point clouds which are integrated by the studios to generate realistic animations. The movement is real but the dressing is totally virtual. This technology has been developed for about ten years now and many studios around the world are using it. But in Tokyo, as the Japanese know how to do it well, it is at the heart of the production system that motion capture has taken its place. The data is transmitted in real time to the studios and simulations can be carried out remotely within very short deadlines. Tokyo thus works for Hollywood studios and structures with several hundred employees specialize in these methods, and higher education is not to be outdone: Tokyo Polytechnic University has a studio and students can learn this type of technique, which is currently rare in French universities.

Character in the motion capture studio
The character becomes a dinosaur