Culture and interactivity, indoor and outdoor

An evolving cultural mediation

The contribution of multimedia has changed the visitor’s experience, but it is now the mobility aspect that is at stake.

Ten years ago, we talked about interactive terminals. The aim was to deliver the most exhaustive information possible on a targeted theme, taking advantage of the unlimited storage capacity of digital media. At the time, multimedia was seen as a large information database.

Versatility of programmes

Everything has changed and the programmes have multiplied. They are now only dedicated to very targeted subjects. The arrival of mobility in the mediation systems is rethinking the digital mediation strategy…and raises many questions.

How to allocate content between a rich mobile device and multiple fixed multimedia applications?

The answer certainly comes with a better analysis of visitor behavior, expectations and typology. In the end, they will be the ones to have the last word.

They can be zappers, passionated, intrigued : the mediation approach must meet their expectations and the content must be adapted to each medium and each behavior.

Diversification of cultural tools

Cultural visits are no longer the preserve of museums. Heritage sites can now create multimedia visit tools thanks to mobility. Functionally, almost anything is possible. But here again, the expectations and behaviour of visitors must be taken into account.

In full sunlight, it is very difficult to read, the walk sometimes takes precedence over mediation and emotion must be preserved. And what if the audio resumed its letters of nobility?

To be followed if you are English-speakers, the site of Museum and the web: the world reference in cultural multimedia or the site of CLIC France, an association of museum professionals using multimedia.