Innovative devices : from Tockyo to the Louvre

DNP : Photo Imaging Europe

DNP is one of the largest printing companies of the world with 12 billion Euros turnover. The company has set up a showroom with a prototype exhibition integrating all the multimedia technologies that an art museum can set up to ensure the mediation of a work. Most of the devices use original man/machine interfaces that make the visitor as an actor and involve him in the understanding of notions, often complex.

Discovering of promising devices

Two devices caught our eye for their particularly innovative character or for their relevance to the issues of openness and interaction with the public:

  • Augmented reality : a user can go in a place with a video camera system and a screen. While filming, the system recognize tags on which it locates informations that can be animated. The visitor can for instance, get contextual informations on the composition of a landscape he is discovering.
  • Visitors engagement and traceability : visitors are invited to give their feedbacks by prioritizing key-words which represent their emotion for example. On a big screen, it will be possible to look for other visitors feedbacks.

The whole route is also memorized by an RFID map which the user have to place in front of a case before using each device. By going on the Internet while coming back at home, he will be able to type his entry ticket number, follow, discover and deepen his site visit program.

He can also print it inside the museum.

All these devices were created in collaboration with Le Louvre and enable to bring an experimentation in a concrete context of a cutting-edge multimedia scenography.

Mobile Augmented Reality Device – By pointing the camera at an object, the system tracks the element and adds textual or animated information to it.
Spaces are created to give one’s opinion on the emotions felt, for example by qualifying key words. They are visible on a large interactive panel at the exit of the exhibition and on the Internet.