Mazedia experiments multitouch at the SITEM

Multitouch @SITEM

During the SITEM 2009, Mazedia previewed a prototype of a multitouch museographic application. Still experimental and conducted for several years by a cross-functional Research and Development team, this device was the result of a reflection on uses.

Based on the technology of the german company LUMIN, the multitouch table allowed a visitor to put himself in the shoes of a 12th century artist, creating a fresco on a wall using all its fingers. The used could also choose models, arrange them on the screen, enlarge the images with two fingers etc…

A project supported by the Pays de la Loire Region

This major project is part of Mazedia’s desire to participate in the revolution of these new interfaces and communicating objects. It is supported by the region Pays de la Loire.

Mazedia has surrounded itself with partners to deepen its reflection on multitouch spaces, going far beyong the strict technical framework. The agency also had to approach the design so that the whole space takes into account the user behaviors : that was the challenge.

A technical revolution immediately induces change issues for users. Technical progress and designers’ imagination must totally anticipate users hesitations, collaborative ou zapping behaviors and users emotions. This is the challenge of the project “multitouch tactile space”, which will culminate an interactive prototype to be tested at the Abbaye de Fontevraud this Autumn.

Partners of this project piloted by Mazedia are:

  • Laurent Vidé, designer in Angers
  • Boscher signalétique, implanted in Couëron
  • L’école des Mines of Nantes
  • The Pays de la Loire Region which awarded a grant of 147 000 euros as part of the Design’in Project.