Navinum and Wezit, for a global experience in the heart of the museum.

Cap Sciences (Bordeaux), Quai des savoirs (Toulouse) and Universcience (Paris) have entrusted Mazedia with the development of the digital project for the exhibition “Esprit critique“.

The exhibition “Esprit Critique” (“Critical Thinking”) aims to encourage visitors to avoid false information, to form their own opinions and to get away from bad buzz and preconceived ideas.

The exhibition is made up of a series of interactive manips, constituting a global experience. The visitor can compare his or her wisdom with that of other visitors and carry out collective or individual experiments.

Installed in Bordeaux, at CAP SCIENCE, the exhibition will then move to Toulouse and Paris, to continue its journey in other museums.

A complex technical architecture

The technical architecture was designed by our engineers to combine electronics (RFID sensors, movement sensors, etc.), interactivity and the continuum of the visitor who can obtain, as he visits and at the end of his visit, the status of his progress in the experience.

This is how two software packages were combined: Navinum, designed by the Cap Sciences teams, which ensures the traceability of experiments, and Wezit, which distributes content to devices according to specific criteria.