Deprived of fair, Comatelec Schréder uses an immersive universe

The lighting manufacturer had to find a solution to the cancellation of the Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales in order to keep in touch with its customers and present the new products in its 2020 range. It used an immersive universe with the constraint of making it accessible to all. Adeline Caudal, Comatelec Schréder’s communications manager, looks back at the genesis of this new marketing tool.

How did you compensate for the cancellation of the Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales, the highlight of your business year?

We started thinking about this in April 2020 with the Product Marketing Manager when we were afraid that the November 2020 trade fair would not be held. We absolutely had to keep a link with our customers, especially as we had a new urban luminaire, the FLEXIA, whose functionalities had to be explained. We wanted a more entertaining and immersive presentation than what we already had on our website, while keeping in mind that this tool had to be accessible to all users, regardless of their level of computer equipment, internet speed or familiarity with digital media. We had the idea of creating a virtual environment in which the visitor finds some of our products presented in their context (road, city, sport…) and to scale. For each luminaire, an animation explaining its specificities.

What were the constraints in creating this immersive universe?

It had to be consistent with our graphic identity and, above all, it had to be very neutral in the setting. It should not be too metropolitan, medium-sized city or rural and should not become outdated too quickly. The visitor had to be able to discover our technologies on his own or with a sales person by screen sharing. And everything had to be operational quickly so as not to miss the commercial launch of our new range on the market. We also wanted to be able to easily manage updates, add photos or videos to keep the content alive and to maintain the interest of our customers and our sales staff.

What solutions were provided by Mazedia?

The agency offered us a web platform that is accessible to everyone without having to download an application. Simply go to and dive into our digital city. You choose a world and, depending on the internet speed, two levels of visit are automatically proposed: complete or simplified. Simply scroll through the universe and click on the product to see a 3D technical animation. The platform also allows visitors to visit the Schréder studio gallery with a presentation of our custom-made products in their environment, and to access the auditorium to receive advice and information on the Decree of 27 December on light pollution. Called Digital City, this new tool was launched on 1 December 2020 after four months of work. And this, without any unpleasant surprises. The budget and deadlines were respected.

How has the digital city been received?

The health crisis has changed habits. With this tool, we have made a good start towards our digital transition. The platform really surprised our sales force. We organised several sessions to show them the interest of the project and its use. They are now using it routinely in their customer relationships both face to face and remotely. We have had good feedback from customers who we informed via a teasing campaign on LinkedIn and then by email when the tool was released. Our clients – who were not convinced by our first immersive experience at the SMCL in 2018 – were able to appreciate the tool and its very intuitive ergonomics. Digital city allowed us to maintain the link with them despite the closure of the trade fairs. But nothing will replace the informal contacts and meetings that take place there…

Interview by Olivia Bassi

Comatelec Schéder in numbers

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