Saint Gobain 350 years – the most important exhibition on the web

The Compagnie de Saint-Gobain celebrates its 350th anniversary. Since the creation of the group in 1665, the company has developed through innovation and passion of its employees. Mazedia was chosen to develop the digital scenography for this “virtual” exhibition. While Saint-Gobain was expected in Versailles for a physical exhibition, the decision to put this huge content base entirely on the internet was guided by the group’s internationalisation and the need for its presence among every employee, wherever they are in the world.

700 documents – 170 audiovisisual sequences – 5 languages – More than 10 hours of discovery

From the home page, no doubt about it : we definitely are in an exhibition !

  • An historical timeline in 22 dates to discover the major steps in the history of Saint-Gobain
  • Six thematic universes to browse through a host of documents, many of which have been created by the Mazedia team, such as the matter transformation, which allows you to explore manufacturing processes
  • The portrait gallery, which mixes the illustrious figures of the company’s history with the anonymous ones
  • The Gallery of innovations showing Saint-Gobain’s contribution to the architectural revolutions and the evolution of housing from 1665 to 2065.

And finally, the Manufacture des Glaces which has been modelled and filmed to create an immersive universe.

The 3D Manufacture des Glaces

A technological prowess that offers to all internet users the opportunity to immerse themselves in the 18th century factory.

To make this experience possible, the Saint-Gobain archive team cross-referenced plans and drawings of the Manufacture at the time, plates from the Encyclopédie, the memoirs of the director at the time, and the archives of the institution.

The 3D reconstitution led to a detailed rediscovery of the manufacturing processes of the time. These unique informations allow a realistic immersion into the original Saint-Gobain : from the tools used to the distribution of tasks within the workshop and the place of women in it, each element reflects as faithfully as possible the life of the factory at the time.

The filming was carried out to fit perfectly into the 3D universe created bu the Mazedia teams.

The costumes were the subject of particular research work, as were the props.

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